The Standard Sofa by Edra

Designed by Francesco Binfaré 2013

The Standard is a sofa of evolution, both from a technical and esthetic standpoint. Inspired by an earlier Edra sofa; L'Homme et la Femme; introduced in 1993, which brought the idea of variable configurations to the consumer, the Standard takes the idea further with different shapes and depths that give rise to endless configuration options.

Following the L'Homme et la Femme production, research continued, exploring both new materials and opportunities of modifying arrangements and sitting through simple adjustable movements and articulation. New sofas followed, designed by Francesco Binfaré, like the 2004 On the Rocks, a sectional that allows styling freedom by arranging the modules. Standard is the synthesis of this research and advanced technology.

Each pillow of the backrest and the armrests are individually adjustable and have a full range of movement created by articulated joints contained within a molded encasement of rigid polyurethane. The end result is a customized seating arrangement starting with the footprint of each sofa, and topped off with the ability to adjust each individual "sitters" experience. Combined with the outstanding range of fabrications offered by Edra, the Standard has been one of Scott + Cooner's favorite showroom pieces.